macos default java jdk version on mac osx In a terminal run:    /usr/libexec/java_home -V show all installed versions in this folder /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines To exclude a JDK from being picked by default, rename it’sContents/Info.plist to Info.plist.disabled. That JDK can still be used when $JAVA_HOME points to it, or explicitly referenced in a script Read more…


Install 2 Chrome on 1 computer

Sometimes we need to: separate business account and personal account in a favourite browser “Chrome” test/login in a different browser session Existing Options: Switch accounts Start an anonymous browser session New Option: Install Chrome and Chrome Canary Chrome: Chrome Canary: Then Read more…


My Study Plan

Application Architect – Sharing and Visibility Designer – Certification – Data Architecture and Management Designer – Certification System Architect – Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer – Certification – Identity and Access Management Designer – Certification – Integration Architecture Designer – Read more…


Automatically run JavaScript on page load

Add the following piece of code to the page body.

2.  Use body onload event



Apex batchable finish method send single email message

Send single email message notification to job submitter after finish a batch job: