Install Virtualbox Guest Additions on Debian Guest OS

Log into Debian (Guest OS) as root and update your software.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Install required packages for building kernel modules.

apt-get install build-essential module-assistant

Prepare your system for building kernel module

m-a prepare

In the virtual machine window, select Devices > Insert Guest Additions CD image.

sh /media/cdrom0/


Orchestration vs. Choreography

Orchestration: like in an orchestra, there’s a man (the director) that says to all the musicians what to do. They’re therefore synchronized by following the direction of one person.
In practice when orchestration is in place, a central system says to some remote systems what to do.

Choreografy: in this case, like in a dancing stage, every dancer knows exactly what to do, and looks to all the other dancers involved in the process, to synchronize his steps.
A single remote system knows what to do and also what other systems to call after he ends his processing. – BY Marcello Braucci

Apex get outstanding scheduled jobs

Get outstanding scheduled Apex jobs

macos default java jdk version on mac osx

In a terminal run:    /usr/libexec/java_home -V

show all installed versions in this folder /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines

To exclude a JDK from being picked by default, rename it’sContents/Info.plist to Info.plist.disabled. That JDK can still be used when $JAVA_HOME points to it, or explicitly referenced in a script or configuration. It will simply be ignored by the system’s java command.

Install 2 Chrome on 1 computer

Sometimes we need to:

  1. separate business account and personal account in a favourite browser “Chrome”
  2. test/login in a different browser session

Existing Options:

  1. Switch accounts
  2. Start an anonymous browser session

New Option:

Install Chrome and Chrome Canary


Chrome Canary:

Then you will have 2 Chrome on your computer

Service Cloud Project Example: the Power of Email to Case

An example of using service cloud, fully utilise the power of email-to-case.

Email communication — From customers and partners
Outlook Desktop Client as the operation tool/interface
– Manually priorities Emails (Tasks, Bookings) in Outlook by manually checking the booking dates in the email message body.
– Manually / Automatically categorise Emails (Tasks, Bookings) based on sender email address
– Manually assign Emails (Tasks, Bookings) to a different group of operators
– Manually calculate commission rates with help from MS Office Excel
– Manually create/generate reports in Excel

Email communication — as before
Salesforce E2C replaces Outlook Desktop Client
– Automatically getting booking date from email message body. * (with Apex coding solution)
– Automatically priorities cases based on the booking date.
– Automatically link Account to Case based on email sender address domain name/email message body content. *
– Automatically categories cases to different record types.
– Automatically assign cases to different queues.
– Automatically display the commission rate on case page, based on related account information.
– Automatically / Scheduled to run reports in Salesforce
– Other automation tasks that can be implemented in platform through point and click configuration / Apex coding.


Release service operators from repetitive manual tasks, and allows them to deal with more important tasks in customer services.

Automatically run JavaScript on page load

  1. Add the following piece of code to the page body.

2.  Use body onload event




Apex batchable finish method send single email message

Send single email message notification to job submitter after finish a batch job: