ObjectHistory table rows

Each history record will has 2 rows of data, 1 for Id, another for Text. But in Report, only the Text data row will show. Report Example: In SOQL it will show both Text data and Id data rows. SOQL Example: So, bear in mind, if you want to count Read more…


Validation Rule on Case Object

Validation rule on Case object should carefully design for ‘Automated Case User’ / ‘Portal User’ Because all automated case update may be blocked by validation rules, e.g.  E2C Portal User may be able to update cases ina Community site, and their updates may be blocked by validation rules. A quick Read more…


Salesforce site path case sensitive

A site consists of 3 components: The domain name that uniquely identifies your specific organization (case insensitive) The path identifies the specific site (case sensitive) A Visualforce page that is associated with your site (case insensitive) the path in the example:  locations  is case sensitive, here is a solution Read more…


Salesforce Process Builder Last Modified By

Understand FlowDefinition and Flow: FlowDefinition and Flow   Use Workbench to find metadata information on FlowDefinitaion and Flow: Login to Workbench Jump to Metadata Types & Components FlowDefinition (Process) Last Modified By Info Flow (each version) Last Modified Information  


Salesforce Formula differences between 2 datetime

Where the First_Resolution_Timestamp__c is Date/Time custom field. This formula returns “? days ? hours ? minutes” between “First_Resolution_Timestamp__c” and the record Create Date


salesforce FLOW_ELEMENT_ERROR WaitInfo

Salesforce process flow error occurred intermittently.: Debug message: FLOW_ELEMENT_ERROR||WaitInfo|myWait_myRule_01 WF_FLOW_ACTION_ERROR  (Scheduled Action) WF_FLOW_ACTION_ERROR_DETAIL|<b>An unhandled fault has occurred in this flow</b><br>An unhandled fault has occurred while processing the flow.  Please contact your system administrator for more information. The debug message doesn’t show any help information. After checking Find: An organization can have Read more…


Formula field to generate Case ref number

Case ref number used in Email communication. v2