An example of using service cloud, fully utilise the power of email-to-case.

Email communication — From customers and partners
Outlook Desktop Client as the operation tool/interface
– Manually priorities Emails (Tasks, Bookings) in Outlook by manually checking the booking dates in the email message body.
– Manually / Automatically categorise Emails (Tasks, Bookings) based on sender email address
– Manually assign Emails (Tasks, Bookings) to a different group of operators
– Manually calculate commission rates with help from MS Office Excel
– Manually create/generate reports in Excel

Email communication — as before
Salesforce E2C replaces Outlook Desktop Client
– Automatically getting booking date from email message body. * (with Apex coding solution)
– Automatically priorities cases based on the booking date.
– Automatically link Account to Case based on email sender address domain name/email message body content. *
– Automatically categories cases to different record types.
– Automatically assign cases to different queues.
– Automatically display the commission rate on case page, based on related account information.
– Automatically / Scheduled to run reports in Salesforce
– Other automation tasks that can be implemented in platform through point and click configuration / Apex coding.


Release service operators from repetitive manual tasks, and allows them to deal with more important tasks in customer services.

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