Free SSL Certification Provider:

Free tools to create the SSL for your site:

How to automatically redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS

Enter the following code in your .htaccess file (create a new .htaccess file if you don’t have one):

If you’re editing an existing .htaccess file, check whether the RewriteEngine On rule already exists. If so, do not duplicate it. Ensure the RewriteCond and RewriteRule commands immediately follow the existing RewriteEngine On command, as shown above.

Add Free SSL to Salesforce Sites / Community Sites

Setup => Certificate and Key Management => Create CA-Signed Certificate

=> Filling all required fields => Save

=> Download Certificate Signing Request => Save the file, you will need this latter

on one of following sites:

Create new Certificate by using “Own CSR”, upload / (Copy/Past the content of the saved file)

Generate / download the certificate.

=> Upload Signed Certificate => certificate

=> Done!

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